A historic moment for Krajina, a park of 2,200 solar panels will soon be operational

A historic moment for Krajina, a park of 2,200 solar panels will soon be operational

The solar park with a total of 2,200 solar panels with a power of 500 watts has started these days with trial operation at the location of the settlement of Bare, near Bosanski Petrovac, and the electricity produced here will be purchased by “Elektroprivreda BiH”.

It is an energy plant that can produce electricity for about 400 households, and the project was financed with the combined funds of several local entrepreneurs, who also used the favorable credit lines of the Development Bank of FBiH for this purpose.

“Bosanski Petrovac has a lot of sunny days, it is a small town at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, and the climatic conditions are ideal for the production of electricity. I believe that it is the energy future of the world and an economic branch worth investing in,” said Haris Mešić, co-owner of the aforementioned solar farm. park.

According to him, after the agreement with “Elektroprivreda BiH” on the purchase of electricity, this solar park was put into trial operation. By the way, this is the third location with solar panels in the area of Bosanski Petrovac, and several more such investments have been announced in the area of this local community.

Among them, the most significant is the construction of a solar power plant with a total value of about 50 million euros, and the beginning of the realization of this megaproject is expected during this year. The investor is the German company “Promondis”, which already has its own factory for the production of electric cables in the area of Sanski Most, and the construction of a solar park is planned in three locations on a total area of about 150 hectares. The mayor of Bosanski Petrovac, Mahmut Jukić, previously stated that the local authorities have issued all necessary approvals and permits for the implementation of this project, which will have significant economic benefits for them.

“During the construction, over a hundred workers would be hired who would spend money with us, and another benefit is that the potential investor would pay a concession for the use of the land, and we calculated that in this way we would have an annual income in the budget of 100,000 to 200,000 marks. Also, the investor would have to pay for the conversion of the land on which the construction is planned in the amount of a minimum of 300,000 marks, then there are revenues from the sale of electricity, as well as the possibility of employing a certain number of workers. So it is a project of great importance not only for Bosanski Petrovac, but also for the Una-Sana canton, and even the country itself,” said Jukić.