A total of 134.7 million euros for healthcare and agriculture

A total of 134.7 million euros for healthcare and agriculture

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda signed with the head of the World Bank Office in BiH Christopher Sheldon two loan agreements with a total value of 134.7 million euros intended for improving the health system and the competitiveness of agriculture in BiH.

The first loan agreement refers to the improvement of the healthcare system in BiH and after signing, a total of 67.3 million euros will be secured through the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, of which 19,240,000 euros are intended for projects in the FBiH, and 48,060 for the RS. 000 euros.

Minister Bevanda emphasized that the goal of this project is to improve health care in the entities and that the terms of the loan are favorable.

The second loan agreement refers to the financing of climate resilience and competitiveness projects in the agricultural sector, for which a total of EUR 61.4 million has been secured, of which EUR 30,700,000 will be allocated to the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The contract stipulates that the FBiH and the RS will provide financing in identical amounts of 1,576,000 euros each from the allocated funds for the purpose of strengthening the capacity of the agricultural information system for the benefit of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MVTEO) and agencies at the BiH level that deal with agricultural issues.

The repayment terms are the same for both loans and imply a repayment period of 32 years, including a seven-year grace period, with repayment of the loan principal in equal half-yearly installments.

Both contracts were signed in correspondence and the further course of implementation will be taken over by the competent entity institutions with regular monitoring by the World Bank and the assistance of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH. (end)

Source: https://www.vijeceministara.gov.ba/Aktualnosti_zamjenika_predsjedavajuceg_VM/default.aspx?id=38448&langTag=bs-BA