Approval given to the Financial Plan of the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund

Approval given to the Financial Plan of the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund

The FBiH Government, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, approved the Financial Plan of the Environmental Protection Fund of the Federation of BiH for 2023, in the amount of 74,710,259 KM.

The program was carried out in accordance with the FBiH Environmental Protection Strategy 2022-2032, the Water Management Strategy 2010-2022, the Federal Waste Management Plan 2012-2017, the NEAP (Action Plan for Environmental Protection of BiH) and other relevant regulations.

The federal environmental protection strategy is primarily based on the principle of sustainable development and the guidelines of the legal acquis of the European Union, announced the FBiH Government Office for Public Relations.

With planned investments, the Fund ensures the conditions for improving the state of the environment, the development of the domestic market for financing environmental protection projects, energy efficiency, as well as securing additional funds for investment in areas that have a special meaning for sustainable economic development.

As pointed out in the financial plan, in 2023 the Fund plans to allocate funds for placements based on current transfers for programs and projects. Transfers to cantons for these purposes are also planned, based on the Law on the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund and the Regulation on Waste Management.

Also, as stated in the plan, the Fund’s cooperation with domestic and international financial institutions and bodies with the aim of obtaining additional funds for joint investment in projects and programs from the Fund’s field of work is one of the priority tasks in the coming period. In addition to projects of importance for FBiH adopted by the decisions of the Government of FBiH, among other things, investments in projects co-financing programs with international institutions are highlighted, among which is an increase in investments in public facilities with a low carbon emission rate in BiH.

The financial plan for 2023 with an estimate from 2024 to 2026 is based on the prescribed sources of financing from the fees charged by the Fund based on the Law on the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund, the Law on Water, the Law on Waste Management and by-laws, and first of all taking into account already undertaken obligations on the basis of concluded contracts and approved funds with users.

As explained, the collection of extra-budgetary revenues according to the “polluter pays” principle, in accordance with laws, by-laws and regulations, is the main goal of the Fund, because their realization enables the co-financing of environmental protection programs and projects and the prevention of further pollution, the remediation of existing pollution, and sustainable use of natural resources.

Achieving these goals is realized in cooperation with the federal ministries of environment and tourism, then agriculture, water management and forestry, energy, mining and industry, and spatial planning, as well as cantonal ministries and inspections responsible for the environment, the press release states.