Forestry and the wood industry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina represent a connected repro-whole whose activity is the cultivation, protection and utilization of forests, the production of sawn timber, elements, panels, veneers, final wood products, pellets and biomass.

According to the data of the Federal Forestry Administration, the total area of ​​forests and forest land is 1,518,471 ha or 58% of the total area of ​​FBiH.

State-owned forests make up 1,241,341 ha or 82%. Private forests make up 277,130 ha or 18%.

Forests are managed by 8 cantonal/county forestry companies (ŠPD/ŠGD) and the PRENJ Forestry and the Central Neretva Forestry.

Forestry (ŠPD/ŠGD) employs 5,337 employees (FZS).

On the basis of the existing raw materials, the wood industry has developed, which produces a wide range of products, is export-oriented and is the only branch of the economy in FBiH and BiH that has a surplus in international exchange.

The FBiH wood industry has many years of experience in exporting products of higher stages of processing to EU countries and other markets.

This is confirmed by the previous export results, the international certificates that the companies have, the prestigious awards for design and product quality at international fairs. It is safe to say that solid wood furniture manufacturers are the leaders in SE Europe. Domestic beech products are more competitive and are not dependent on imports.

Over 1,000 companies operate in the wood industry.

The number of employees in primary and semi-final processing is 8,134, and in final processing 6,989 (FZS).

The wood industry in FBiH participates with 14% in the total production in FBiH and in exports with 12%. The export of wood industry in 2020 amounted to about 640 million KM.