Biden: The Crown no longer controls our lives

Biden: The Crown no longer controls our lives

US President Joe Biden received the second supplementary vaccine against coronavirus and said during a live broadcast at the White House that America is in a new moment when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are in a new moment in this pandemic. That doesn’t mean the covid is over. That means that COVID-19 no longer controls our lives, “Biden said, UPI reports.

Biden said that America now has tools to protect people.

“When I took office about 14 months ago the pandemic was at its peak, the economy was rocking and the deficit was growing. Most schools were closed. We didn’t have enough vaccines, unemployment was high. And then we went to work, “he said.

On this occasion, he said that his administration focused its efforts against COVID-19. Since taking office, he said, 6.7 million jobs have been created,

After receiving the second supplementary vaccine while journalists were asking questions about Ukraine, Biden called on everyone who qualifies to receive the second supplementary vaccine, and joked that nothing hurt.


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