Current measures for entry into Italy until 31.05.2022.

Current measures for entry into Italy until 31.05.2022.

The rules for entry into Italy have been updated and simplified in accordance with the Ordinance of 22 February 2022. The Ordinance consolidates the regulation of entry from European Union and non-EU countries. Health Minister Roberto Speranza has signed a new order expanding provisions for arrivals from foreign countries by May 31st. The only change concerns the pattern of passenger locators, which will no longer be needed as of May 1.

A COVID-19 Green Certificate or other equivalent certificate is still required, which must contain one of the following conditions:
-completion of the primary vaccination series or dose dose according to the vaccination plans of the countries of release with vaccines approved by the European Medical Agency (validity of the primary series 9 months and booster doses without a predefined limit)
-certificate of recovery from SARS-CoV-2 infection (valid for 180 days from a positive smear test)
-certificate of recovery after the first dose of vaccine or at the end of the primary vaccination series or after administration of the appropriate dose

  • rapid test for antigen or molecular smear, ie within 48 or 72 hours before entering Italy.
  • Certificates are valid in the following languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish or German.

For more information on the necessary documents for entering Italy, see the link:

We remind all passengers traveling to or from Italy that from December 25th, in all forms of public transport, including flights, it is legally mandatory to wear an FFP2 mask.


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