Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus patients, new orders and recommendations have been proposed to the FBiH Government

Due to the increase in the number of coronavirus patients, new orders and recommendations have been proposed to the FBiH Government

Due to the increase in the number of patients and those hospitalized with Covid-19, a meeting of the Crisis Staff was held, after which the Ministry of Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina informed the public today of new recommendations and measures related to the new wave of coronavirus.

A member of the Crisis Staff of the Federal Ministry of Health and head of the Epidemiology Service of the FBiH Institute of Public Health, Dr. Sanjin Musa, pointed out that in the last four weeks there is an evident trend of an increase in the number of people suffering from Covid-19. He also pointed out that the increase in the number of hospitalizations is of particular concern.

It is, as stated by Musa, a subline of the micron variant BA5, which can be said to be more infectious compared to the previous ones, and to have a characteristic biological progression, so that the protection gained by vaccination or having overcome the disease is less. Also, when it comes to this variant, Musa stated that the majority of cases have a very mild form and remain unrecognizable, and that the actual number of infected is even higher because people often buy tests in pharmacies and such cases are not reported.

Epidemiologist Sanjin Musa pointed out that after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is clear that the virus cannot be eliminated at the moment and that we continue to live with the virus. He added that there are effective means of disease control, such as vaccination, and called on the population to get vaccinated.

According to the data provided by Sanjin Musa, about 30 percent of the population received the first two doses, seven percent the third dose or the first booster. Also, the trend of renewed interest in vaccination has begun and the greatest interest is in booster doses. More than 500 people received the fourth dose, he said.

Director of the FBiH Public Health Institute, Siniša Skočibušić, pointed out that we have been in the sixth wave of the pandemic for five weeks now.

As he pointed out, the Crisis Staff will propose the following orders to the Federal Government: mandatory wearing of respiratory protective masks in health care institutions, and reduction of visits to health care institutions.

Of the recommendations, Skočibušić stated that it was recommended that health institutions must publicly display the time when they can come for vaccination, and display and deliver this information in a visible place.

The population is recommended to get vaccinated and to ventilate closed rooms, wash hands, wear masks where a large number of people are in closed spaces.

“This is the first group of orders and recommendations and the existing ones remain in force. Our responsibility is individual and we must take care of our health, in order to have fewer infections and fewer deaths,” said director of the FBiH Institute of Public Health Siniša Skočibušić.

Monkey goddesses were also mentioned. As stated by Sanjin Musa, one case was confirmed last week. It is an imported case and the person was in isolation.

In the Crisis Staff, when it comes to monkeypox, they believe that there is an answer to this situation, and that there is a vaccine for this disease.

It was also said that it is more difficult to transmit than Covid and only through physical contact.