“EU4BusinessRecovery”: strengthening the competences of PKFBIH on the topic “Green transition of small and medium-sized enterprises”

"EU4BusinessRecovery": strengthening the competences of PKFBIH on the topic "Green transition of small and medium-sized enterprises"

Representatives of the FBIH Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at the invitation of the GIZ office in BiH, and in cooperation with the Munich office, paid a study visit to the province of Bavaria (Munich) on the topic of “Green transition of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

The study visit was organized by GIZ as part of the Green Recovery project component “EU4BusinessRecovery”, which was financed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Green Recovery component aims to strengthen the capacities of private and public actors to support green transformation in the metal and wood sector.

As the FBIH Chamber of Commerce is currently implementing the “Business Information Hub” project, as part of the wider EU4BusinessRecovery project, which is also financed by the European Union and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, and whose implementation motive is to turn difficult times around for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), The FBIH Chamber is recognized as one of the key actors, in order to spread the acquired knowledge and examples of best practices of the relevant German actors on the way to the green transition within the further development of the Business Information Hub project.

The study visit consisted of a series of educational sessions on the topic: green transition, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, electromobility, renewable energy communities as a new concept in achieving greater use of renewable energy sources, to visits to German companies that have implemented some of the above solutions in an innovative way on the way to decarbonization.

Of particular importance is the visit to the Technical University in Munich, the Chamber of Craftsmen, and the educational center of the Chamber of Craftsmen, where the participants had the opportunity to see the processes that students go through, as well as those who want to retrain for work in some of the aforementioned fields.

At the end of the visit, a working meeting was organized with representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy of Bavaria, where the mode of operation of the Bavarian province on innovation, green transition, and thus maintaining the competitiveness of Bavaria as a business location and the promotion of innovation, support for newly founded enterprises was presented. and creating attractive employment opportunities.

Also on this occasion, mutual exceptional will and desire for joint cooperation was expressed in order to overcome current difficulties, but also to strengthen competitiveness and achieve the goals of the green economy.

On this occasion, the FBiH Chamber of Commerce would like to thank the organizers of GIZ for strengthening the competences of the representatives of the Chamber, who have the task of transferring the acquired knowledge and experience both within project activities and in direct work with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.