For the development of tourism in FBiH 5,000,000 KM

For the development of tourism in FBiH 5,000,000 KM

At the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the FBiH Government adopted the Expenditure Program with criteria for the allocation of transfer funds for tourism development in FBiH, determined by the FBiH Budget for 2022 in the total amount of 5,000,000 KM. These funds cover five programs.

The first program, in the amount of 2,000,000 KM, is intended for the promotion of domestic tourism by subsidizing the stay of citizens of the Federation of BiH in catering facilities that provide accommodation services in the FBiH. Beneficiaries of these funds are legal entities registered in the FBiH which, among other activities, operate as Internet services for the sale of tourist and catering services, with the fact that in 2021 in this way realized more than 1,000 tourist package deals through online platform and online payments. Vouchers will be issued to adult citizens of FBiH (domestic tourists) through these legal entities.

A total of 300,000 KM is planned for the program of support to renters, with the aim of expanding and improving accommodation capacities and infrastructure in households and rural households in rural areas. The amount is intended for households that have categorized facilities. This means that they have a decision of the competent federal ministry on meeting the minimum technical requirements, and the type and category of facility, or a decision of the competent cantonal or municipal / city authority, with at least 20 percent share of own funds in relation to the value of the project.

The funds of 700,000 KM are intended for co-financing artificial snow within ski centers on ski resorts in FBiH, and the beneficiaries are legal entities registered in FBiH, which operate ski lifts and have a use permit, and have at least 20 full-time employees and at least 50 percent participation own funds in relation to the value of the project.

To co-finance the promotion of tourism potentials of FBiH through the production and publication of promotional materials in electronic and printed form in the official languages of FBiH (web portals, daily newspapers and magazines), which contribute to better information of domestic tourists about available offers, resources and capacities, planned 500,000 KM.

With the aim of developing winter tourism and improving the safety of skiers at the Ponijeri ski resort, 1,500,000 KM has been allocated to the Public Institution Cultural and Sports Center Kakanj to support the purchase of a new ski lift. This is, by the way, the initiative of 78 deputies of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament, which was adopted by the FBiH Government on June 9, 2022. at the 318th session.

428,969 KM for environmental protection programs

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, adopted the program of expenditure of funds determined by this year’s Budget of FBiH for the implementation of the Action Plan of the Environmental Strategy, in the total amount of 428,969 KM.

Of this amount, KM 128,969 is planned as support for the activities undertaken in Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the construction of a nuclear waste disposal site at Trgovska Gora in Croatia, with the aim of preventing the negative consequences that such a disposal site would lead to.

The amount of 250,000 KM is intended to support the better functioning of the management of established protected areas in FBiH, under the jurisdiction of lower levels of government. Beneficiaries of these funds are institutions and municipalities that manage protected natural areas (monuments and nature parks, and protected landscapes: Prokoško lake, Konjuh, Blidinje, Hutovo blato, Trebević, Bentbaša, Vjetrenica cave, Tajan and others).

The purpose of this program is to preserve the biodiversity and geodiversity of the protected area through sustainable management and strengthening of public institutions that manage them.

BAM 50,000 is planned for hardware recovery, upgrading and maintenance during the test period of the Registry of Facilities and Pollution in FBiH, the creation of applications for the establishment of the Register of Hazardous Substances, the Register of Environmental Accidents and the Register of Environmental Permits. The users of these funds are IT companies whose activities are the maintenance of computer hardware and networks and the development of software/applications.