Free education available to all women

Free education available to all women

Improving the quality of life of women in BiH society is a goal that Nahla has been pursuing for many years. The most efficient way to achieve this goal is through education – providing equal opportunities for all people to acquire knowledge, skills and exchange experience applicable in business and practical life.


Through our educational programs, we educate hundreds of people every year, which ensures the development of individuals, but also creates value useful for the whole society.


In order to ensure the equal availability of informal education to all categories of society, Nahla in all its educational programs (foreign language courses, computer courses, sewing, etc.) provides space for free education to women who meet the given criteria.


Criteria for selecting female candidates:

-unemployed women
– beneficiaries of social assistance
– single mothers
-victims of domestic violence
– civilian victims of war
In order to prove belonging to one of the mentioned categories, it is necessary to submit:


-certificate on the status, or capacity, issued by the competent authorities
– a certificate from the bureau for each unemployed family member
– a certificate from the faculty for students and a certificate from the school for students
– house list
Preference will be given to people who meet two or more of the indicated criteria.

You can apply in person at the premises of Nahla at 122 Džemala Bijedića Street, Sarajevo or via the APPLICATION FORM.