FZZZ: More than 66 million KM for new programs

FZZZ: More than 66 million KM for new programs

The Federal Institute for Employment announced that in accordance with the Work Program for 2023, which was adopted by the Government of FBiH, this institute plans to implement a co-financing program for employment, self-employment and training aimed at providing support for 13,000 people from the register of unemployed in the Federation of BiH . Funds in the amount of 111,310,466 KM are planned for the implementation of the program. Part of the funds in the estimated amount of 44,609,950 KM refers to transferred obligations based on measures of active employment policy, the implementation of which began in previous years and which are due in 2023, and 66,700,516 KM refers to new programs from 2023. years.


When it comes to the implementation of activities in the past year, the Federal Employment Agency, in addition to ensuring the social and material security of unemployed persons as a legal priority, started the implementation of the program of employment, self-employment and training of unemployed persons. The implementation of the Employment Co-financing Program 2022, which includes a series of measures with a focus on difficult-to-employ categories of the unemployed (young people without work experience, young people with work experience, women, long-term unemployed, etc.), included about 8,000 people from the unemployment register. Contracted funds under this program amount to about 36 million KM.


Also, over 2,600 people are included in the Start Up 2022 self-employment co-financing program, which includes giving incentives to unemployed people to start their own businesses, and the contracted funds amount to about 12 million KM.

Within the program of co-financing joint projects with other organizations and institutions, this federal institute also provided funds for the implementation of co-financing projects for the employment of assistant staff in primary and secondary schools, as well as in public universities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and social welfare institutions, as well as children of martyrs and fallen soldiers. . In addition, specific projects were realized through the pooling of funds with chambers of commerce, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions, namely for the training and employment of unemployed persons in the field of IT, construction, textiles and footwear, wood and metal processing, etc. About 600 people are included in these projects, and the contracted funds amount to about four million KM.


As part of the “Training and Work 2022” program, 18 contracts with a total value of 371,332.50 KM were concluded, for the training of 109 unemployed persons and the employment of 102 persons for a period of 12 months.


The Institute states that when it comes to trends in the labor market in FBiH in the first ten months of 2022, they can be assessed as positive. Namely, at the end of October, the number of unemployed, compared to the beginning of the year, decreased by 14,211.


On 30.9.2022. in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there were 539,334 registered employed persons. The number of employees compared to last year’s average is higher by 13,937, and compared to the previous month by 7,081, the Federal Employment Agency announced.