Invitation to companies from the automotive industry to participate in the fair
IZB2022, Wolfsburg, FR Germany

Invitation to companies from the automotive industry to participate in the fair IZB2022, Wolfsburg, FR Germany

The Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina informs all business entities from the automotive industry sector that this year, too, it has leased booth space for exhibition at the IZB2022 automotive industry fair, which will be held from October 11 to 13, 2022 in Wolfsburg, SR Germany.
The IZB fair is organized every two years by Volkswagen AG for its suppliers, but also for companies that want to obtain supplier status. On the official page of the IZB2022 fair, around 800 global companies have already registered their participation by the time of publication of this invitation. At the last IZB2018 fair, over 838 exhibitors from over 35 countries around the world presented their achievements, while the fair was visited by over 50,000 profiled representatives of the automotive industry. This fair is an extraordinary opportunity for networking and presenting business activities and novelties of companies from the automotive industry.

In cooperation with WOLFSBURG AG, the FBiH Chamber of Commerce ensured the presentation of 4-6 companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina, at a common stand, with a total area of 49 m2.

Taking into account the importance and potential of the automotive industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the costs of companies in the preparation and organization of fair activities, especially in these challenging times, the FBIH Chamber of Commerce has provided a certain amount of participation in the costs of renting and equipping the booth space. It is important to point out that the remaining exhibition costs are jointly borne by the companies, depending on the total number of registered companies

Considering all the preparations that need to be made in a timely manner and announced to the organizer in Wolfsburg, FR Germany, interested companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina must apply no later than July 22, 2022. to the contact below.

You can get more information about the fair, participation and registration at the IZB2022 fair by calling the phone number: +387 33 566 308, contact person Armin Hodžić, Coordinator of the Development of the Automotive Industry of BiH or via e-mail:

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