Invitation to the expert meeting “The role of guarantees of origin in the energy sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Sarajevo, 02.12.2022. years

Invitation to the expert meeting "The role of guarantees of origin in the energy sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina", Sarajevo, 02.12.2022. years

Dear All,

In accordance with the energy transition, an open electricity market has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years, where an increasing demand for energy produced from renewable sources (RES), i.e. “green energy”, has been observed.

Recently, business partners from the European Union from Bosnia and Herzegovina manufacturers often require a “guarantee of origin”. Guarantees of origin are electronic documents that prove that a certain amount of energy was produced from renewable sources. They are issued to RES energy producers and are purchased by suppliers or large energy consumers who want to demonstrate that they use green energy.

The goal of the expert meeting is to bring the process of issuing guarantees of origin to the public in a discussion with eminent experts in this field; to contribute to the exchange of good practices and to encourage consumers to choose green energy and producers to respond to customer demands and thus sell their goods better. The main speaker of the meeting is Ms. Naida Taso from the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna.

The system of guarantees of origin is a necessary complement to the promotion and trade of electricity from renewable sources, and we expect that this meeting will improve cooperation at the expert, institutional and other levels, with recommendations and advice for all those who want to certify green energy sources, as well as the advantages they realize customers of green energy.

We hereby invite you to take an active part in the work of the expert meeting, which will be held in Sarajevo on December 2, 2022, starting at 10 a.m. The agenda is attached.

Please register your arrival, the contact person is Lejla Sadiković, phone: 033 566 311, email:

With respect,

Vice President of the Chamber, s.r.

Mirsad Jašarspahić, B.Sc.

Sarajevo, 02.12.2022.

Sarajevo, 02.12.2022.

Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hall on the ground floor)


Moderator: Miroslav Nikolić, president of the Association/Association for RES



Arrival of participants and registration



Welcoming speech of the organizer

Mirsad Jašarspahić, vice president of the FBiH Chamber of Commerce/Economics



“Guarantees of origin in the Energy Community”


Naida Taso, expert for the electric energy market and RES, Secretariat of the Energy Community, Vienna



“Experiences in issuing guarantees of origin in the Federation of BiH, new solutions from the proposal of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and Efficient Cogeneration”


(representative of the Operator for OIEiEK FBiH)



Discussion and questions from participants


Coffee and refreshments