New Mobility Congress Lodz-Poland

New Mobility Congress Lodz-Poland

At the invitation of Mr. Łukasz Lewandowski from “EV Klub Polska”, as the founder of the International Association of Electric Vehicle Drivers GEVA, representatives of the BiH Electromobility Association participated in the “New Mobility Congress 2022”, (“Kongresu Nowej Mobileści 2022”), which took place in the city of Łodz, Poland.

To participate in the Congress, on behalf of the FBIH Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Electromobility, an invitation was sent to Armin Hodžić, director of the energy sector, and Anela Karahasan, secretary of the Association for Electromobility.

As part of the New Mobility Congress, members of GEVA (International Association of Electric Vehicle Drivers) gathered representatives of electromobility associations from Norway, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to discuss the association’s activities in a panel discussion. , the state of electromobility in each of the mentioned countries, the challenges in the development of electromobility, but also the potentials and modalities of joint cooperation. On behalf of the Association for Electromobility of Bosnia and Herzegovina, participation in the panel discussion, and about the activities of the Association, was presented by Anela Karahasan.

The participants of the panel discussion welcomed the activities of the BiH Electromobility Association, and especially the adopted decision on the suspension of customs duties on the import of electric vehicles, given that many more developed EU countries have not yet been able to achieve this.

In addition to exchanging opinions and getting to know the leading leaders in the field of electromobility, participation in the New Mobility Congress was a kind of opportunity to gain knowledge. Three full-day parallel sessions touched on all the hot topics, such as battery life and recycling, infrastructure, opportunities and challenges, sustainability, electricity prices, with a special focus on the commercial electricity program. Test drives and an exhibition of electric vehicles and buses were a special experience that the participants had the opportunity to see and feel.

In order to fully experience all the advantages and current challenges of driving an electric vehicle, representatives of the Association for Electromobility, in joint cooperation with the e-mobility Society of Slovenia, went to the New Mobility Congress 2022 in Lodz, Poland, in an electric vehicle, Tesla, Model 3.

The total length of the route from Ljubljana to Poland was almost 1,000 kilometers. Slovenia and Austria were not problematic for driving an electric vehicle, thanks to the experience of our colleagues from the Slovenian e-mobility association. The challenge was represented by the Czech Republic, more precisely the vignette whose price for an electric vehicle is €0. In order to obtain it, it is necessary to submit a request in advance and wait a few days for the decision of the competent authority on exemption from toll payment. However, in practice it can be somewhat more complicated, given that colleagues from Slovakia waited 30 days for the decision on release. In addition, on this trip we also faced the challenge of charging, due to a charging station that was not in operation, but this was soon resolved thanks to Tesla’s display of a map of charging stations at the specified destination.

The acquired experience of driving an electric vehicle to Poland, new contacts, knowledge, and trends in the development of electromobility will contribute to the strength and expert role of representatives of the Association for Electromobility in the further activities of the Association, so we thank EV Klub Polska and GEVA once again for the invitation to participate.