New wave of coronavirus: The situation is not yet worrisome, but doctors call for caution

New wave of coronavirus: The situation is not yet worrisome, but doctors call for caution

After a period of calm, the epidemiological picture in Bosnia and Herzegovina is again more complex. Some hospitals and clinical centers prohibit visits as a precaution. Although the new strains of coronavirus cause a mild clinical picture, the fact that they are more resistant to the immunity obtained by vaccines is worrying.

The coronavirus is again filling hospitals and clinical centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is mainly about chronic patients and elderly people. Nevertheless, preventive epidemiological measures are returned. It is forbidden to visit patients in the University Hospital of the Republika Srpska in Banja Luka and the “Sveti Vračevi” hospital in Bijeljina. For hospitalization, except when it is urgent, a negative antigen test is also required. Masks must also be worn in the corridors.

“We have always been a step or two ahead of the epidemiological situation and development, so these steps were taken with that goal in mind,” says Prime Minister. Dr. Goran Topić, UKC RS Banjaluka.

“We have made preparations, from cleaning the rooms, disinfection, respirator service, checking the network for medical gases, so we are ready to welcome you, unfortunately,” says the Prime Minister. dr Mikajlo Lazić, “Sveti Vračevi” hospital, Bijeljina.

Although 70 percent of those tested daily for the coronavirus are positive, these are mild or moderately severe clinical symptoms. That is why in the larger medical centers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar… they are not currently thinking about banning visits to hospitalized patients.

“We are full of patients with covid, but these are all elderly patients with other comorbidities, usually heart patients transferred from internal, pulmonary, where it is discovered that the fever is due to corona. What is interesting, we have examples of people being twice- three times vaccinated and recovered, but they get corona. We remain powerless with corona, even if we get monkeypox, I don’t know where we will end up,” warns prim. Dr. Nazif Derviškadić, “Dr. Safet Mujić” hospital, Mostar.

Autumn is the turning point that will determine the characteristics of the epidemic, say the authorities. Doctors in Bosnia and Herzegovina still count on the awareness of citizens the most. Self-isolation is advised even for the mildest symptoms of the disease.

“Some patients also have a lower temperature, below 38, upper respiratory tract problems, hoarseness, hoarseness, sore throat,” the possible symptoms are listed by prim. dr Sanja Marić Preradović, head of the covid clinic in Banja Luka.

According to epidemiologists, the situation is not yet worrying. However, the fact that some omicron strains are more resistant to the immunity obtained by vaccines is worrying, as well as the emergence of new public health hazards in the world.