Notice on labor market research 09/06/2022.

Notice on labor market research 09/06/2022.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Federation of BiH informs business entities that the Federal Institute for Employment and Employment Services, in accordance with the Law on Mediation in Employment and Social Security of Unemployed Persons, in the period from 7.9. until October 7, 2022. to organize a survey of employers as part of the labor market research in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022/2023, for the purpose of observing trends and assessing the trends in the labor market.

It is planned to include a representative sample of about 1,300 employers (small, medium and large) from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from key industries, which have five or more employees, through an anonymous survey.

The entire process takes place with the support of the EU project “Improving labor market research”, and the survey will be conducted by representatives of employment services who have been professionally trained, as part of the project, to conduct surveys using the established research methodology.

The questions from the questionnaire mainly refer to the assessment of employers’ needs for labor force, the most sought-after occupations, the assessment of possible labor surpluses, complicating circumstances in finding workers, employers’ ability to organize practical training for pupils, students and unemployed persons, as well as satisfaction with the services of the employment, etc.

The obtained results will serve to improve the activities, projects, services and cooperation of public employment services with employers, as well as the development of public policies for the labor market in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the analysis of the current situation and future trends.

We invite business entities to respond to interviewers from employment services, in case they are contacted, and to participate in this research.