The alarming situation on the heating market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prices jumped 100 percent

The alarming situation on the heating market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, prices jumped 100 percent

Due to the increasingly alarming situation on the market, where, as they say, they operate with an abnormal rise in fuel prices, the company “Drvosječa” sent an urgent letter to the addresses of the state and entity authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a letter sent from the company to the addresses, they explain that compared to last year, the price of fuel jumped by 100 percent compared to last year due to the fact that European Union countries met their heating needs from Ukraine, and the war in that country caused huge disruptions in supply chains.
Due to the impossibility of supplying wood and firewood, the countries of the European Union turned from Ukraine to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 30 to 50 truck deliveries of wood and 20 to 30 truck deliveries of pellets, ie 500 to 700 tons, leave our country every day. This leads to the fact that it is possible that the fuel will not be enough for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company also warns that public institutions such as schools and hospitals are not able to procure the appropriate amount of necessary fuel because their budgets remained at last year’s level, and prices have risen many times over.

They called on the Council of Ministers to make a decision at an emergency session of the Council of Ministers to suspend the export of all types of fuel outside the country, unless the domestic market is settled. They claim that in the case of such a decision, the situation on the domestic market would be normalized.

The letter was sent to BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Stasa Kosarac, FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, RS Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic, FBiH Trade Minister Zlatan Vujanovic, FBiH Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Djindic , RS Minister of Energy and Mining Petar Đokić and RS Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević.