Place of implementation:Sarajevo – Park Hastahana
Project duration:20-29. August 2022.

The project DIASPORA DAYS OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA – EXPO BH CITIES 2022 is one of 6 projects that are implemented through the BOSNIA INTERNATIONAL FORUM. The project is realized in the form of a manifestation that is the crown of many years of work on establishing relations between the BiH diaspora and the homeland through established cooperation – both with individuals and with organizations and local communities.

The goal of the BOSNA INTERNATIONAL FORUM project is the establishment of the largest and most accurate database of the diaspora of Bosnia and Herzegovina and two-way communication with it. Through SERVICE FOR DIASPORA, the goal is to build mutual trust and strengthen relations by implementing the remaining projects.

DAYS OF THE DIASPORA OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA is an event that will unite all the projects implemented by BIF in one place: through various contents intended for all ages; for visitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the diaspora, but also for tourists.

In the content that we deliver in the Agenda, which is distributed by day, each of them is described in more detail below, and each of them is of great importance for the final result of the project.

The focus is certainly on EXPO BH CITIES 2022 with the aim of promoting local communities in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will have the opportunity to present themselves in the best light in their pavilions. In addition, there are also exhibits and products that are recognizable in the world, and for which BiH citizens in the diaspora or those who returned to their homeland and achieved certain results are responsible. In addition to the above, there are other interesting contents that will send a positive image to the world from the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Overall goal: Through the largest and most glamorous manifestation of this type, for the first time in one place to gather as many local communities as possible from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and create a connection with the diaspora of Bosnia and Herzegovina from all over the world through various economic, cultural and artistic, entertainment, educational and other contents .

Specific goal: To ensure a concrete connection between the diaspora and the homeland through already defined modules and systems.

This is an opportunity that is also the starting point in connecting the diaspora with local communities, connecting entrepreneurs from the whole BiH area with the diaspora, as well as strengthening other relations from the sectors of culture, education, science, economy and the like.

The goal is to attract a large number of visitors of all ages and genders from the entire country and diaspora with different content. Through its work so far, Bosna International Forum has encouraged many local communities to start in the direction of opening diaspora offices, which are available to their citizens and greatly help in various ways – from administrative to many other issues.

As the crown of many years of work and the initiation of one of the largest projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to relations with the diaspora, through this event BIF wants to promote the work done so far and to contribute to the development of the project at the level that the diaspora deserves.

The event consists of a number of different contents, spread over days from August 20 to 29, 2022.

During the entire duration of the manifestation, the BH CITIES EXPO will take place, in which the participating cities will present their specificities and tourist, economic, cultural, gourmet and other potentials in their pavilions, and certain products and handicrafts will be exhibited in the pavilion. The event consists of the following contents:

The BH Fest of Knowledge and Success is actually a panel conference in which participants from the BH diaspora who have achieved enviable results in the world or returned to their homeland and achieved certain results, will share their experiences and knowledge with the visitors. In addition, exhibition specimens will be exhibited as a result of their success: a fire truck from Živinice (SU-AD), a yacht from Vitez, Derubis Yachts, ODA HOMES, etc., which will be on display all the time during the event.

“Chill Out Party” cocktail night is a fun event in the evening aimed at the younger population.

Project 5525 is a project through which investments are realized in specific projects by investors from the BiH diaspora. Certain projects have already been implemented on this principle. B2B meetings and panel discussions will be held during this activity.

The SUMMIT of mayors/chiefs and representatives of the BiH diaspora is a panel in which all mayors/chiefs will take part in a panel discussion, and present the most common problems, but also the advantages of working at local levels, exchange experiences and jointly come to certain conclusions in which direction to act together towards the diaspora and use this potential in the right way. The SUMMIT implies the participation of representatives from the diaspora who come from different sectors, with the aim of transferring knowledge and experience and introducing visitors and representatives of local businessmen and authorities to the way of achieving certain results and directly meeting with mayors/chiefs to learn about the potential and resources of local communities, and together we create the best cooperation module.

Evening KUD’s aim is to promote cultural and artistic heritage through associations that come from cities participating in EXPO BH CITIES and cultural and artistic organizations from the BiH diaspora.

The sevdah evening is of a concert nature in cooperation with the SEVDAH Foundation with the most famous svedah interpreters of all generations, all with the aim of promoting our culture and tradition.

City in focus is the presentation of cities distributed by day, in which the focus is on a specific city, and the (city) mayor and citizens from that city play an important role.

BiH Tourism Day is a day in which the participating cities will present their tourism potential, where they will work strategically on the promotion and positioning of their tourist attractions.

BHranaFest is a festival of BiH traditional food from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina accompanied by the sounds of tambura players.

Kids & Family Day is a full-day event intended for children and families, with an entertaining and educational character.

The mega concert that will take place on the last evening of the event is the concert of the legend of the EX-YU scene – Alen Islamović.

With this type of event, we want to raise awareness of the power of joint action through concrete and tried-and-tested modules, in cooperation with local levels.

The content is designed for all ages, age and gender groups. Activists from socially disadvantaged groups and students will be involved in the implementation of the project.