Third license extension to ZEOS for a period of 5 years

Third license extension to ZEOS for a period of 5 years

E-waste management in Bosnia and Herzegovina is regulated at entity levels, and ZEOS eko-sistem d.o.o. is the first operator of electrical and electronic waste management systems in FBiH.

In accordance with the successful ten-year operation and the continuous achievement of the goals prescribed by the Rulebook on waste management of electrical and electronic products, the ZEOS eco-system received a third license from the competent Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH, for operation in the next five (5) years for the period 2023 – in 2027. The aforementioned permit is a confirmation of a successfully established e-waste disposal system, which the ZEOS eco-system ranks high in the chain of processes for waste management in our country.

Since 2012, when ZEOS eko-sistem d.o.o. was founded as the first authorized operator for e-waste management, and to date, an amount of approx. 20,000 tons of e-waste has been successfully collected, which has been diverted to proper disposal instead of the landfill. The principles of the operator’s business are based on transparency, economy, efficiency, sustainability, with compliance with legal regulations.

About the results

In conclusion with the month of December, the ZEOS eco-system provided funds for the procurement of 740 pieces of infrastructure in 431 locations, a mobile recycling yard, recycling yards throughout large cities, and especially for the population, a service for free collection of e-waste from home addresses is available at the level FBiH, which is carried out by express mail. Infrastructure locations are marked and citizens can view them on the map by clicking on the link here

Changing social awareness is imperative, therefore the ZEOS eco-system educates and informs the constant population through social networks, education in schools, kindergartens, colleges, through activities in local communities, and through various print and radio campaigns, in order for the problem posed by e- waste and the possibilities of its recycling more prominent in society.

We remind you that if you have electrical and electronic waste, regardless of whether you are a legal entity or a natural person, the ZEOS eco-system is the address you can turn to in order to have it disposed of free of charge and properly, respecting legal and ecological standards. All necessary information is available on the website by clicking on the link here or by phone +387 33 628 606.

We would like to thank all the participants of our system, our clients, partners and our team for their cooperation, support and trust, ZEOS said.