Wind farms and solariums will be easier to build and set up

Wind farms and solariums will be easier to build and set up

The new law increases the Federation’s production of electricity from renewable sources.

The construction of wind and solar power plants in the Federation of BiH, thanks to the new Law on Electricity of FBiH, will be simpler in the future, writes Večernji list BiH.

Namely, the implementation of the mentioned law, which the Government of the Federation of BiH recently adopted in one of its sessions in the form of a draft as one of the important goals, simplifies administrative procedures for construction and operation of production plants using renewable energy sources, primarily solar and wind power plants. category of participants and activities in the electricity market (active customers, aggregators, energy communities, storage operators).

Also, one of the most important reasons for the adoption of the new law is the harmonization with the acquis communautaire and the Energy Community, the improvement of the legal framework in the electricity sector and the control system for the construction of generation facilities and the introduction of a ban on small hydropower plants. The new law also defines the electricity policy and planning, electricity activities and permits for their performance, and the regulation of the electricity activity.

According to the Government of the Federation of BiH, the law sent to the parliamentary procedure also covers electricity production, construction of power plants, distribution, supply and trade of electricity, energy storage, end customers, aggregation of distributed resources, electromobility, security of supply, construction , reconstruction, use and maintenance of electricity facilities, administrative supervision and regulatory oversight and penal provisions, as well as other issues of importance for the regulation of the electricity sector in the FBiH.

It is important to emphasize that the application of this law ensures a secure and regular electricity supply to the inhabitants of FBiH. Namely, in order to achieve the general interest, electricity entities are primarily required to provide sufficient quantities of electricity needed for life and work of citizens of this BiH entity and business and development of economic and other entities, while meeting the criteria of cost-effective delivery.

“The draft law stipulates that the FBiH Government, at the proposal of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, adopts an annual and three-year electricity balance by the end of October this year. These documents plan total production and consumption and electricity supply, production and consumption structure , as surpluses or missing quantities of electricity “, it is stated in the explanation of the law.

Also, the electricity undertaking may, if it is in the general economic interest, be subject to a public service obligation under regulated conditions which may relate to security, including security of supply, regularity, quality and price of supply, and environmental protection, including energy efficiency, energy use, renewables and environmental protection. By the way, the existing Law on Electricity in FBiH has been in force since 2013. Its implementation has made a significant contribution to the development of the electricity sector, however, after its adoption, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a member of the Energy Community, committed to implement a number of regulations from the EU legal framework and thus continue the process of liberalization of electricity markets and energy transition to clean energy, which made it necessary to pass a new law.

By the way, Bosnia and Herzegovina currently meets most of its electricity needs from the so-called dirty energy sources. Domestic electricity consumption is covered by 50% from coal and 46% from hydropower. Solar sources account for only 0.4%, and wind farms for 3.5%. The potential for electricity production from renewable energy sources is great, however, it has yet to be exploited.