Public call for a measure to support investments in primary agricultural production

Within the framework of the EU4AGRI project, which is financed by the European Union, a Public Call for measures to support investments in primary agricultural production was published.

As part of this public call, 3.5 million KM is available, and support funds per application can amount from 15,000 KM to 300,000 KM. For each project, the applicant must ensure his own co-financing in the amount of a minimum of 35% of the total amount of eligible costs of the proposed investment, except for the fruit and vegetable production sector where his own co-financing amounts to a minimum of 30%.

Eligible applicants for grants under the support measure can be trades/independent entrepreneurs, cooperatives and companies.

Who can apply for this Public Call?

Through this public call, the European Union will support agricultural farms that contribute to stabilizing/strengthening production competitiveness and increasing the level of productivity of primary agricultural production through modernization and the introduction of new technologies and innovations, improving product quality, hygiene and food safety, promoting good business practices and sustainable development through improvements in natural resource management, environmental protection, worker protection and food safety, and contribute to mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support investments in primary agricultural production, all projects related exclusively to agricultural sectors are acceptable, such as: production of milk, meat, cultivation of cereals and oilseeds, cultivation of fruit, including viticulture and olives, cultivation of vegetables, production of planting material (fruit seedlings, vegetable seedlings and seed potatoes), egg production, fish farming, growing herbs, medicinal plants, and mushrooms, as well as honey production.

Applications can be submitted from November 23, 2022. year, while the deadline for submitting applications is January 31, 2023 until 3:00 p.m. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

How to apply?

Step 1: Read the document
Guidelines for applicants, which contains all the information about the criteria for the public call, how to fill out and submit the application.

Step 2: Download the supporting documentation for applying to the public call

1a – Business plan, narrative
1b – Complex business plan, updated 11.01.2023.
1c – Project proposal, narrative
1d – Project proposal, updated 11.01.2023.
2 – Letter of intent on co-financing
3 – UN global principles
4 – Statement on related parties
5 – Reference lists of yields

Applications are submitted exclusively through the electronic application delivery system provided by the EU4AGRI project. Submitting applications in any other format (e-mail, post, fax, etc.) is not acceptable and applications submitted in this way will not be considered.

Additional questions regarding this call can be submitted via the question form on the project website, in the period from November 24, 2022. until 23.01.2023. years

The first online INFO session will be held on Wednesday, November 23 at 2:00 p.m., via the EU4AGRI Facebook page.

In addition, a series of information sessions will be organized in cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina in the following period of time. Information about the exact time and venue will be published on our website.

All interested parties will be able to find out more information about this Public Call on the project’s official website

EU4AGRI is a four-year (2020-2024) European Union project worth 20.25 million euros whose goal is to modernize the agricultural and food sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is implemented and co-financed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in BiH and the Czech Development Agency (CzDA).

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